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Nicolas DiDomizio
Nicolas DiDomizio Author Photo

Nicolas DiDomizio’s debut novel, the mother-son buddy comedy Burn It All Down, was released in 2021 and praised by James Patterson as “highly entertaining” and “unforgettable.” His next book, The Gay Best Friend, is forthcoming in 2023. He lives in upstate New York with his partner Graig and their smooshy bulldog Rocco. Follow him on Twitter at @ctnicolas and Instagram at @nicdidomiziobooks.


Burn It All Down

(Little Brown, Hardcover, $28.00)

"Don't try to drink any beverages while reading this laugh-out-loud novel about a mother and son duo who try to exact revenge on their lovers with disastrous results. It's super voicey, entirely too much fun, and full of love."  ―Good Housekeeping 

"A wild, delightful revenge thriller." PopSugar

"This hilarious revenge-filled romp may seem like nothing but fluffy fun at the start, but, on a deeper dive, it's a thoughtful examination of relationships and inherited trauma that will appeal to a wide range of readers.” Booklist