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Bryan Sansivero

Bryan Sansivero’s photography may be seen in various publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, Vogue, Elle Italia, People, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, MSN, CBS News, New York Magazine’s The Cut, Business Insider, The Sun, Country Living, Architecture & Design, House Beautiful, and more. His award-winning film, Shadows of Kings Park is on loan to the Smithtown Historical Society where it is used for research.  



American Decay

(Self-Published, Paperback, $59.00)

American Photographer Bryan Sansivero is renowned for his evocative photographs of ruined and abandoned homes. The Second Edition of American Decay is the newest and most complete collection of America's most amazing abandoned homes. Please note that these are custom printed books.  Average shipping time is two to four weeks.

In Bryan’s pictures, the idea of the abandoned place or ruin is imbued with a sense of loss, nostalgia, of strangeness, an artful fluctuation between presence and absence, creating a poetry of lost words, experience and story. Rosa J.H. Berland

Like shining a light onto the dark corners of the mindVogue


Traces of beauty in the imperfection of abandonment - Elle