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Isabel Sterling

Isabel Sterling is a certified life coach, foster mom, and author of These Witches Don’t BurnThis Coven Won’t Break, and The Coldest Touch. She lives with her spouse, foster kiddo, and fur-babies in Central New York, where the winters are frigid, the summers are too hot, and autumn is perfect.


The Coldest Touch

(Razorbill, Hardcover, $18.99)

“Vampires going to high school, but make it queer. Sterling delivers a fresh, thoughtful take on beloved paranormal tropes with a delightfully bloody romance.

—Mara Fitzgerald, author of Beyond the Ruby Veil

"Sterling’s world will appeal to readers who appreciate atmospheric and emotional paranormal romance; through alternating dual voices, she offers a gentle, sapphic romance and a nuanced exploration of identity, power, and consent."  —Publishers Weekly